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There is a high school student who went to high school (by using AAE service) a few years ago. She has received a lot of attention because of scholarship offers from 12 USA universities (full tuition scholarship from Harvard, Yale and Stanford) and becomes a role model for many Vietnamese patents who want to send their kids to study in the US.  We are proud of what this young lady has accomplished! Please read the below article to learn more.

“High grades only do not guarantee your admission.” says the talented girl who was born in the 90s as she shared her experience.

The Vietnamese student who received many scholarships from top universities said that getting accepted into a top university simply meant her application had characteristics that the university was looking for in order to fill up the multi-cultural table: “Imagine the university has accepted students sit around the table. The admissions office wants to make their table the most multi-cultural. Every student sitting there must have a distinctive personality to achieve this goal and display the strength of the table.” An made the metaphor.

To answer the question how to “make the university accept” the personality, Tuong An stated: “For students, to understand themselves, perhaps, is the most important. What are you good at, what do you like and what are you passionate about? What is your dream? For parents, I think this question should change to “My child’s personality and activities are like this. Where is the best environment for him/her to develop?”

This Vietnamese girl emphasized that getting into top universities does not show who you really are. If you look for assistance when applying to universities, the important thing is to decide which assistance is suitable and follow the guideline of the admission committee.

Choosing Stanford instead of Harvard

With bravery and determination, instead of choosing the famous Harvard, Tuong An decided to choose Stanford without being “swayed” by other people.

To An, Stanford is the most suitable school at the moment because it is very dynamic with lots of opportunities for students. The school is located in the Bay Area with Silicon Valley, which is the home for many start-ups and worldwide technology. Tuong An intended to study Political science in order to get into law school after graduation.

An at the commencement ceremony of Yale Young Global Scholars.

An at the commencement ceremony of Yale Young Global Scholars.


She has said she would take a gap year at Stanford to develop and implement the ICE project in rural Vietnam.

“I realized the difference between the two environments, Quang Ngai and the U.S. This is the comparison of apples and oranges, but in the near future, we all will compete with each other on the path we’ve chosen despite our education.

I hope what I’m doing now will be able to help other students to develop themselves and shorten the gap between Vietnamese students and the world.”

Tuong An took a photo with Senator Ajay Tamta at the Parliament of India.

Tuong An took a photo with Senator Ajay Tamta at the Parliament of India.

Read the vietnamese article here.



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