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In Country Presence

Schools have turned to AAE to assist them in a number of unique ways. Almost always these requests involve using a member of the AAE Vietnam staff to act in a physical capacity to assist in representing the institution. At AAE Fairs, this often comes in the form of a translator, a person to help manage traffic at the event and provide basic information about the school. As we get more and more of these requests, we are pleased to introduce this as a formal service that we call In-Country Presence

Duyen NguyenWith AAE’s In-Country Presence, a local member of the AAE team acts as an integral member of your institution’s admission team, undertaking local activities which complement your other marketing and candidate management. With either dedicated, or fractional representation, our staff member becomes part of your process, following up on student inquiries generated by our agency, other agencies or from your institution’s direct marketing. You pay a service fee based on the number of contracted days, AAE takes care of the formal employment of the person, providing them an office, computer and phone and general personal management. You direct their specific activities and tasks and they report their activities to you. They act like members of your admissions team, you give them business cards, logo sportswear and supervision. If you’d like, they access your enrollment management systems or use spreadsheets and other means to report their results.

AAE’s In-Country Presence allows for work to be done by a Vietnamese citizen, licensed to work in Vietnam for a Vietnamese licensed education services company. You’ll be compliant with local regulations for your recruiting activities, which can include:

  • Inquiry response (bilingual)
  • Home visits, meeting with candidates
  • Application review and completeness checking
  • Document attestation and credential investigation/verification
  • Student Interviews, reference checks
  • Interaction with applicants, support for applied/enrolled students, pre-departure events
  • Event planning, coordination and attendance
  • School visits, fair attendance
  • Telemarketing, home campus project support
  • Assistance and logical support for visiting officials, faculty and guests
  • Local market research and intelligence gathering
  • Translation services

counselor closeupIn-Country Presence is an affordable alternative to hiring your own staff and opening your own office. Your institution gets the advantage of having a local office, with your name on the door and a local resident, fully qualified to represent your institution. You’ll have an address in the prestigious District #1 in Ho Chi Minh City. Monthly costs for the service are often lower than a single airfare to Vietnam, so call us to discuss your specific needs.