Providing US college placement for international students
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For Students

Finding the right college is a decision that will greatly impact your life. Many international students consider attending schools in North America, but find the application process daunting.

Access American Education LLC specializes in helping international students apply to U.S. and Canadian schools and smoothly transition into North American culture. We offer guidance to our prospective students and help them select their course of study and determine the specific schools that will help them attain their goals.

What We Offer Our Students

  • Assist students in identifying an area of interest for study. We determine each student’s skills and strengths and find a school that will most likely match their goals academically and socially.
  • College placement in the USA and Canada at both ESL Programs, Jr/High School, undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • Help students prepare all application materials for colleges in a timely manner.
  • Successfully complete all documentation for visas.
  • Help students attain and submit TOEFL and GRE/GMAT, and SAT scores to their prospective schools.
  • Offer Culture Preparation before arrival in the United States and Canada.
  • Offer travel arrangements, airport transfers and make sure our students are safely settled in their new environment.
  • Assistance with living arrangements, medical insurance, and counseling if needed.
  • Offer ongoing support and solutions that may arise. Such as changing courses or institutions, and accommodations. We are a safety net for your child while they are in the United States or Canada.

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