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Why Vietnam?

Why should your institution be interested in working with Access American Education to enroll Vietnamese students?

Vietnam is uniquely situated demographically, economically, and culturally for rapid growth and increasing importance on both Asian and world affairs. Education is as prized in Vietnam as anywhere else in the world. The scarcity of competitive institutions of higher education within the country, coupled with the emergence of Vietnam as a modern economy, puts the need for American educational opportunities for Vietnamese students into sharp focus.

The United States is the leading trading partner for Vietnamese exports, contributing to the need for Vietnamese students to be familiar with American culture, business, and financial systems.

Currently there are approximately 63,700 Vietnamese students that study in a four year college or university outside of their home country. This number is expected to grow by 50% each year in the coming years due to a number of factors:

  • Between 1990 and 2016, Vietnam’s GDP grew by a whopping 3,303 percent, the second-fastest growth rate worldwide, only surpassed by China.
  • As the economy continues to grow, income levels rise, and multinational firms establish themselves in Vietnam demanding a skilled labor force, increasingly affluent Vietnamese families will seek out higher quality education for their children.
  • There is increasing demand for knowledge of specialized disciplines especially engineering and business management and finance, in addition to tourism, information technology, and applied/life sciences.
  • Even though very few reputable foreign institutions have established actual branch campuses in the country so far. Australia’s RMIT University is among the few foreign-owned universities in Vietnam. Other foreign-backed universities include the Vietnamese-German University, Vietnam-Japan University, and the Fulbright University Vietnam, a non-profit university recently set up by Harvard University. The population of students who are willing to travel to the United States to complete higher education training is a nearly untapped resource.
  • 37% of the population is under the age of 25.
  • Primary and secondary education is well on its way to being standardized, which will lead to an even larger pool of students with a secondary school diploma and the opportunity to study at a four year college or university.
  • The Vietnamese government has the goal of adding 20,000 Ph.D. graduates to its population by 2020, and has therefore supported the practice of studying abroad and has been rolling out a series of scholarships available to study at foreign colleges and universities.

The U.S. has, over the past decade, become the most popular destination choice among Vietnamese students enrolled in degree programs abroad, despite the high costs of study in the U.S. and the legacy of the Vietnam War. Fully 30 percent of outbound Vietnamese degree students (19,336) studied in the U.S. in 2015 (UIS).[1] The Open Doorsdata of the Institute of International Education, which includes both degree and non-degree seeking students, shows that enrollments of Vietnamese students surged by a remarkable 1,009 percent between 2000/01 and 2016/17, making Vietnam at present the 6th largest sender of foreign students to the United States. Access American Education will be there to help ensure the needs of your educational institution are well served by increasing the diversity of your student population and quickly and efficiently forming relationships between your college or university and the people of Vietnam.